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Hyper-V Resource Allocation Check - Test-HyperVAllocation - Overprovisioning diagnostic for Hyper-V 9

Hyper-V resource allocation check

Using PowerShell to perform a Hyper-V resource allocation check This Powershell script determines the current resource allocation health of a Hyper-V server or nodes in a Hyper-V Cluster.  The script will automatically scan the...

ADPinger 0

ADPinger v1.0.0.0 released

ADPinger v1.0.0.0 After a lengthy beta period ADPinger is now ready for release. I’d like to thank everyone that took the time to download and try out the beta, and a special thanks...

ADPinger 0

ADPinger – a tool for removing old computer accounts in AD

v0.9.9.9 beta – a program for removing old computer accounts ADPinger is finally out for public beta!  You can find out more on the ADPinger website. I created ADPinger to help me more effectively...