Learn PowerShell Learn PowerShell quickly in this operational designed video & blog series

Learn PowerShell

Learn PowerShell Video & Blog Series

Learn PowerShell in this operationally focused blog and video series. This PowerShell training series is designed to get you ramped up and using PowerShell quickly.

Learn how to use PowerShell quickly via your preferred format. If you prefer reading based training, a blog post is available for each PowerShell topic. If you prefer video format, there is a corresponding training video for each PowerShell lesson.

EP.0 – Should you learn PowerShell?

A commitment to learn PowerShell will not be a small investment of your time. Before diving straight in it’s worth exploring what PowerShell is capable of, who is using it, and how it compares to other languages. You can then determine if PowerShell makes sense for you in today’s technology landscape.

Blog write-up: Should you learn PowerShell?

EP.1 – PowerShell Basics

Learn PowerShell by leveraging three basic PowerShell commands. In this first episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll be introduced to some of the PowerShell basics to get you using PowerShell quickly. Start by learning just three cmdlets that open the power of PowerShell!

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EP.2 – PowerShell Pipeline

Learn how to leverage the PowerShell pipeline to pipe objects between cmdlets. In this second episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll see how the pipeline operator makes PowerShell so powerful!

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Working with the PowerShell Pipeline

EP.3 – State of the Shell

Learn where PowerShell is today, and where it is headed tomorrow. In this third episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll take a brief look at PowerShell history, and then explore the current and future state of PowerShell. You’ll also get some insight into the different versions of PowerShell including Windows PowerShell 5.1 vs PowerShell 6+.

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EP.4 – PowerShell Dev Setup

Learn how to configure and setup your computer for PowerShell Development. In this fourth episode of Learn PowerShell you learn to start coding PowerShell daily with a few free components and easy configuration. Follow along with this video for an easy step-by-step walk-through for getting setup to start writing PowerShell.

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EP.5 – Working With PowerShell Variables

Learn how to use and work with PowerShell variables. In this fifth episode of Learn PowerShell you’ll start to understand variable types, and how to identify PowerShell constant and environment variables. I’ll demo how to strongly type variables, and how different types of quotes can impact PowerShell variable use. Finish this lesson off with an easy how to example that demos PowerShell use in the real world!

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EP.6 – Taking Control with PowerShell Logic

Learn how to enhance your PowerShell by using PowerShell logic controls. In this sixth episode of Learn PowerShell we’ll explore if, elseif, conditional tests, loops, and switches. I walk-through each logic control and demo an example. Finish this lesson of with a real world practical example that shows you how to combine PowerShell logic controls together to create powerful results!

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Series Information

Learn PowerShell is a free to access video & blog series that aims to get you using PowerShell quickly. The video & blog component enables people to choose their preferred learning format.

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