Learn PowerShell Episode 6 - Taking Control with PowerShell Logic 0

Taking Control with PowerShell Logic

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The Learn PowerShell series has shown that even basic PowerShell can solve complex problems. As your PowerShell capabilities increase though, you’ll likely discover the need to take more control of your PowerShell logic. Like...

Learn PowerShell Episode 5 - Working With PowerShell Variables 0

Working With PowerShell Variables

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Learn PowerShell

So far in the Learn PowerShell series we have been running cmdlets directly. As you begin to write more advanced PowerShell, you’ll need the ability to save output to PowerShell variables. Saving data into...

Learn PowerShell Episode 4 - Getting setup for PowerShell Development 0

Getting setup for PowerShell Development

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Up to this point in the Learn PowerShell series we have written and run PowerShell commands directly in the PowerShell console. That quickly becomes impractical when you start writing larger sets of commands, or...

Learn PowerShell Episode 3 - State of the Shell 0

PowerShell History and Current State

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The State of the Shell Having a pulse on the current and future state of the language is beneficial in your PowerShell journey. It also helps to know a little PowerShell history. PowerShell is...

Learn PowerShell Episode 2 - PowerShell Pipeline 2

Working with the PowerShell Pipeline

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The PowerShell Pipeline Of all the concepts you’ll learn in this series, the PowerShell pipeline is arguably the most important. Lets start with a simple definition. A pipeline combines commands connected by pipeline operators....

Learn PowerShell Episode 1 - PowerShell Basics 0

Learn and use PowerShell with just three commands

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PowerShell Basics Before we dive into the three commands you’ll need to memorize to start using PowerShell, we’ll cover a few basics. Note: If you’d like to follow along (you should!) you’ll need access...

Learn PowerShell 1

PS1 – Should you learn PowerShell?

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Deciding if you should learn PowerShell This is post one on a journey towards learning PowerShell. A commitment to learn PowerShell will not be a small investment of your time. Before diving straight in...

Media PC Components 1

Does the HTPC still have a place?

Once upon a HTPC It doesn’t seem so long ago that I built and hooked up my first HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer). At the time, it added an unprecedented level of capability to...

PoshGram Logo 6

PoshGram – a PowerShell Module for Telegram

PoshGram Overview PoshGram is a PowerShell module that enables you to send messages via the Telegram Bot API. It is written for PowerShell 6.1, which natively supports the form parameter for Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-RestMethod....

Example of sending messages via Telegram Bot 3

How to Create a Telegram Bot and Send Messages via API

Telegram bot Overview Telegram fully supports the use of bots via the Telegram bot API. Bots can do anything – and are really only limited to what your imagination can come up with. You...