Learn PowerShell Episode 3 - State of the Shell 0

PowerShell History and Current State

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The State of the Shell Having a pulse on the current and future state of the language is beneficial in your PowerShell journey. It also helps to know a little PowerShell history. PowerShell is...

Learn PowerShell Episode 2 - PowerShell Pipeline 2

Working with the PowerShell Pipeline

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The PowerShell Pipeline Of all the concepts you’ll learn in this series, the PowerShell pipeline is arguably the most important. Lets start with a simple definition. A pipeline combines commands connected by pipeline operators....

Learn PowerShell Episode 1 - PowerShell Basics 0

Learn and use PowerShell with just three commands

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PowerShell Basics Before we dive into the three commands you’ll need to memorize to start using PowerShell, we’ll cover a few basics. Note: If you’d like to follow along (you should!) you’ll need access...

Learn PowerShell 1

PS1 – Should you learn PowerShell?

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Deciding if you should learn PowerShell This is post one on a journey towards learning PowerShell. A commitment to learn PowerShell will not be a small investment of your time. Before diving straight in...

Media PC Components 1

Does the HTPC still have a place?

Once upon a HTPC It doesn’t seem so long ago that I built and hooked up my first HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer). At the time, it added an unprecedented level of capability to...

PoshGram Logo 6

PoshGram – a PowerShell Module for Telegram

PoshGram Overview PoshGram is a PowerShell module that enables you to send messages via the Telegram Bot API. It is written for PowerShell 6.1, which natively supports the form parameter for Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-RestMethod....

Example of sending messages via Telegram Bot 2

How to Create a Telegram Bot and Send Messages via API

Telegram bot Overview Telegram fully supports the use of bots via the Telegram bot API. Bots can do anything – and are really only limited to what your imagination can come up with. You...

One MOF in Azure Automation DSC configuring both onprem and Azure devices 2

Using One MOF to dynamically DSC your environment

One MOF Overview Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a powerful DevOps tool enabling you to provide a consistent, standardized configuration throughout your environment. DSC is typically node specific, requiring you to author many Management...

dbx 286s review 1

dbx 286s Review – Enhance Your Audio

Enhancing Your Audio Over the last several years my audio recording efforts have been constantly evolving.  I started with a first gen line 6 ux2 paired with a $35 microphone, which worked, but wasn’t...

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Hosts outside your domain – Hyper-V with CredSSP

Connecting to and managing hosts outside your domain, or in a Workgroup Your management devices and hosts will often be members of the same domain.  Kerberos handles authentication in this scenario, typically without the...