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ADPinger v1.5.2.197

Change Log:

  • Additional functionality: Added ability to interact with services on remote devices. Perform various service actions on a list of remote devices, or an entire OU.
    • Get status of remote service
    • Restart remote service
    • Stop remote service
    • Start remote service
  • Fixed error message with shutdown command saying that it was restarting instead of shutting devices down.

ADPinger v1.1.1.9

Change Log:

  • Additional functionality: Added shutdown command capability.  Shutdown a list of devices or shutdown an entire OU.  I’m not really sure why you would ever want to do this, but the option is there in case you need it now.
  • Improved error messages

ADPinger v1.0.1.8

Change Log:

  • Bug fix – Reboots were not being sent successfully if user did not input a shutdown message. Fix allows reboots to be sent with no optional message.

ADPinger v1.0.0.0

Change Log:

  • Load From File – instead of only being able to pull computers directly from Active Directory you can now specify a custom list of computers via .txt or .csv file
  • Additional functionality:
    • Ping – send ICMP requests to thousands of devices.  Generate robust reports and track inactivity over time.  Use this data to identify old and unused computer accounts, or just get an overall health status of an OU.
    • Reboot – send custom reboot commands to thousands of devices you specify or reboot an entire OU.
    • Scan for file – look for a file on any remote device you specify. Generate robust reports if devices do/do not have the file you are looking for.
    • Scan for directory – look for a directory on any remote device you specify. Generate robust reports if devices do/do not have the directory you are looking for.
    • Copy File – Copy a file to thousands of remote devices.  Copy a file to an entire OU.
    • Delete File – Delete a file from thousands of devices.  Delete a file from an entire OU.  (Be careful!)
  • Completely redesigned GUI to accommodate new functionality
  • Improved Error Handling
  • Improved Error Messages
  • Improved Report Saving
  • Bug fixes – addressed issue that was occurring when user did multiple scans back-to-back without closing down program.  ADPinger is now capable of multiple simultaneous runs.

ADPinger v0.9.9.9

Beta Created by: Jacob Morrison  –  adpinger@jakemorrison.name
I don’t consider myself a true programmer.  My day job is systems administration, but I do some coding in my spare time.  I created ADPinger to help me more effectively mange my AD environment, and it has.  I hope it does the same for you.

ADPinger is a VB.NET program designed in Visual Studio 2012 and tailored to the .NET 4.0 runtime environment.
Its purpose is to assist administrators in identifying old and unused computer accounts that can safely be deleted.
It is capable of generating an overall health status of an OU / Container after a scan.
It can also save the results of a scan to a CSV report for more robust data manipulation and tracking.

ADPinger is capable of returning 3 various states of ICMP response.:

  1. Success – the object is actively pinging
  2. Timed Out – the object has a DNS entry that resolved, but it is not currently pinging (this status typically indicates an object that is still active in the environment but is currently powered down)
  3. Unknown Host – the object did not resolve against DNS (This status typically indicates an object is nor longer in the environment)