One MOF in Azure Automation DSC configuring both onprem and Azure devices

Using One MOF to dynamically DSC your environment

One MOF Overview Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a powerful DevOps tool enabling you to provide a consistent, standardized configuration throughout your environment. DSC is typically node specific, requiring you to author many Management Object Format (MOF) files, or get […]

dbx 286s review

dbx 286s Review – Enhance Your Audio

Enhancing Your Audio Over the last several years my audio recording efforts have been constantly evolving.  I started with a first gen line 6 ux2 paired with a $35 microphone, which worked, but wasn’t great.  I tried a Blue Snowball […]

An error occurred while attempting to connect to server "HYPV0". Check that the Virtual Machine Management service is running and that you are authorized to connect to the server. The operation on computer 'HYPV0' failed: WinRM cannot process the request. The following error occurred while using Kerberos authentication: Cannot find the computer HYPv0. Verify that the computer exists on the network and that the name provides is spelled correctly.

Hosts outside your domain – Hyper-V with CredSSP

Connecting to and managing hosts outside your domain, or in a Workgroup Your management devices and hosts will often be members of the same domain.  Kerberos handles authentication in this scenario, typically without the need for additional configuration.  When a […]

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Backup Synology to cloud with Synology Azure Backup

Backup Synology to cloud with Synology Azure Backup

Synology Azure Backup Overview In this post I’ll take you step by step on how to configure your Synology NAS to backup to Microsoft Azure using Hyper Backup with Synology Azure backup. There are a lot of ways to protect […]

System Administrator

Windows Version Numbers

Windows Version Numbers Information This post serves as a quick reference guide for all Windows Version numbers for both client and server Microsoft Operating Systems.  Windows 10 and Server 2016 are broken down in the first sections in greater detail […]

Microsoft Windows Release Channel breakdown
System Administrator

Windows Release Channels Explained

Windows Release Channels Overview At 2017’s Ignite conference Microsoft announced they would be shifting to a two Windows Release Channels model and introduced the Semi-annual Channel (SAC).  This new channel permits rapid adoption of new feature sets and capabilities in […]


Synology SSD Cache Setup and Testing

Enabling Synology SSD Cache Due to budget constraints my Synology DS1815+ is only populated with 6 WD Red drives, and the last two bays have been sitting empty for a while now. After a recent unrelated upgrade I found myself […]

Home lab video walkthrough and rack diagram
Home Lab

Home Lab setup for Virtualization, Hyper-V, and MCSE

Virtualization Home Lab Guide When it comes to home labs each of us is constrained by size, power, heat, noise, performance, and budget factors.  On top of that the IT field encompasses a host of various technologies and many of […]

Hyper-V logo on fire

Hyper-V VMs cannot find the path after storage migration

VMs cannot find the path specified I encountered an interesting issue today after completing a VM storage migration of approximately one hundred Hyper-V VMs.  Most of them began reporting: VMs cannot find the path All one hundred Hyper-V VMs were […]